Japanese Ramen Bowls From Nishiyama Co. Ltd.

A few months back, a fellow named Tomonori contacted me asking for some help with a television program in Japan. He wanted to know if he could use some of my images and get some info. I said sure – if you could send me a real Japanese ramen bowl! He was more than happy to do so and so we exchanged some info. A little later, the television program came out.

Here’s the part of the show where I’m included. What it looks like is a hunt for the number one on my 2014 Top Ten List. Pretty neat!

A very nice letter was included in the box. Very sorry to hear Tomonori had an accident – hope you are feeling better!

A very fancy box!

Inside the box, there were not one but two bowls (click image to enlarge)! Thank you very much! Very nice! I will be trying this one out very soon!

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