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Top Ten Instant Noodle Cups OF All Time 2020 Edition

After years of resisting the common practice of naming these lists after the year ahead, I’ve finally decided I’d conform with societal norms and start doing this with this list. So, there won’t be a 2019 edition (although between you and me that’s what this is as it’s coming out in 2019 and not 2020, but whatever). All lists going forward will be this way. My brain will be okay with it eventually, kind of like how I used to lose my mind when people would pronounce sriracha ‘sirracha,’ which IS the correct way to do s. Time heals all chunks of illogic I suppose. But anyways, these are my favorite and most memorable cup varieties from my reviews up to number 3,180. Let’s take a look at The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Instant Noodle Cups Of All Time 2020 Edition. ...see full post


The Ramen Rater's Top Ten Instant Noodle Cups Of All Time 2018 Edition

Hello fellow instant noodle enthusiasts! Whether for lunch or a snack, instant noodle cups are popular the world over for their convenience and ease of preparation. I’ve samples over 2,800 different instant noodle varieties, and a great deal of them are cups. Out of those, here are my absolute favorite varieties – updated for 2018! As always, if you’re an instant noodle cup (or otherwise) company, please contact me if you’d like to have your products reviewed! Hope you enjoy! ...see full post


Instant noodle cups – so portable, so ubiquitous. They’re everywhere! People seem to really like them for lunch. I’ve found that people also like to take them when backpacking or camping – all you need is hot water and once done, you can flatten them so it’s easy to pack out your trash. These convenient meals have come a long way since their inception – many flavors and countries of origin. This list is a compilation of my favorite instant noodle cups from the over 2,500 instant noodle reviews I’ve done to date. ...see full post


This is the fourth Top Ten Instant Noodle Cups list I’ve done since 2013 and I just looked at the first one – none of them are still on this list! I will say one thing though – the ones on the 2013 list are all really good too. It’s hard picking a list to be honest; maybe a top fifty? Naw – ten is enough. Maybe when I’ve done 5000 reviews a top fifty might be in order. But for now, here’s the best of the best – my absolute favorite cup varieties from the 2,100+ reviews I’ve done. ...see full post


What do corn dogs, sandwiches, burritos and instant noodle cups have in common? They’re all portable. People can’t seem to stay in one spot for very long; they want to carry their meals with them as they move about. Since the inception of the instant noodle cup in the early 70’s when Momofuku Ando saw people using coffee cups and hot water to steep their instant noodles and brought this concept to market, the noodle cup has become a ubiquitous icon in the daily lives of billions. Today, I present the best of the instant noodle cups I’ve tried in my over 1,700 instant noodle reviews. With that, please enjoy The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Instant Noodle Cups Of All Time 2015 Edition. ...see full post


Yeah – it’s that time of year again! Cups are interesting; they usually hold a lot less water than a bowl, so the steeping process is a little different and so are the noodles. I’ve had some horrendous cups over the years, but then there are some that are really quite good. This last year has been a great one where cups are concerned! Let’s have a look at the best of the best! The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Instant Noodle Cups Of All Time 2014 Edition! ...see full post


Cups were the second instant noodle innovation that really took the world by storm. Nissin founder Momofuku Ando of Japan decided that a cup would be a really handy way to have instant noodles on the go. His creation came to the market in 1971. Forty-two years later, the instant noodle landscape is filled with many different cup designs and contents – some all inclusive only needing hot water,m and some requiring a little more with packets – and some even with forks! Of all the varieties I’ve tried to date, here are my favorite ten. ...see full post