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A Special Message To Recent Taiwanese Visitors

In the last 24 hours, thousands of people of Taiwan have been coming to The Ramen Rater.  I see your displeasure that Taiwan didn’t make the 2013 Edition of the Top Ten Instant Noodles list. I see the pride you have in your instant noodle brands and varieties as well! Any country that has folks like you who feel so strongly deserves attention! That being said, I would be very interested to hear from any and all Taiwanese instant noodle companies that might be willing to send samples of the non-export products that you produce. I do a special ‘Meet The Manufacturer’ spotlight which includes doing an interview with the company and then a series of up to 15 reviews of your products. This gives people a good look at what you make. All I’ve ever tried are the Taiwanese variants available in the United States, but I’m sure there are many I do not have access to here that are quite good as well. I also invite instant noodle companies to this from all countries – represented and not represented on the list. I’ve seen a lot of stories in the Taiwanese news – if anyone from any of these agencies would like to arrange an interview via Skype, please let me know. Please contact me – thank you, and thank you all for visiting The Ramen Rater. ...see full post