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Friday Video: A Shoutout To The /reddit/r/Throwers

I saw some traffic coming from a post in a reddit group called Throwers by a guy named moby123 who’s a follower of my reviews and I really had no clue about what ‘throwers’ were. Then I saw it had something to do with yo-yos. Then I saw some clips about the competition they were talking about – the World Yo Yo Contest in Tokyo, Japan. Wow – I’m blown away – this is badass! Here’s a clip of one of the preliminaries. There’s a lot of these videos – I’ve watched at least an hour or so already and I’m just transfixed by the precision, speed and timing of these athletes. Have a good Friday and pick up your yo yos people – you got a lot of practice to come close to this kind of stuff (unless you do this already and if so, I salute you!). ...see full post