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Meet The Manufacturer: #2655: Alhami Instant Noodle Prawn Flavour

Meet Ther Manufacturer: #2655: Alhami Instant Noodle Prawn Flavour

I really like prawns – especially the big ones. Mantis prawns are really big – had those in Malaysia. The river prawns in Thailand are spectacular and prepared right they’re just as succulent as can be. I don’t know much about prawns in Indonesia. Let’s ask Wikipedia – ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: Interview With Olagafood

#1261: Meet The Manufacturer: Eat & Go Rasa Baso Sapi Meat Ball Mi Instan Cup

I wanted to do something special with this one. Recently, I visited Waroeng Jajanan, an Indonesian grocery nearby. As it turns out, they make Indonesian style meatballs! I didn’t want to make this without sampling them, so this is a really exciting one for me! Honestly, I’ve never had Indonesian food other than instant noodles before! Let’s check it out! ...see full post