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Meet The Manufacturer: Interview With Sun Shun Fuk – Hong Kong

I’ve had the pleasure of working with quite a few companies on these Meet The Manufacturer series over the years. This was a very unique experience – I’ve tried many products from the company in the past but never had access to such a wide range. They send an enormous 400 pound pallet of their products! This is an interview that I conducted with Sun Shun Fuk, makers of the Sau Tao range of products. ...see full post


You like noodles? Well, a company participating in Meet The Manufacturer (you’ll start seeing reviews soon) decided to go big. They sent a 400 pound pallet from Hong Kong! Sun Shun Fuk, maker of the Sau Tao range of noodle products (and 2 years in a row Top Ten lister I might add)thought perhaps I’d like a lot of samples! What follows is the unboxing of the century! ...see full post

#1417: Sau Tao Oat Noodle Abalone Flavored

Here’s one I got up in Canada a while back. These noodles are made with oats. A lot of different ways to make noodles – different gauges, lengths, colors – and ingredients make them all different. Oats sound like a logical way to go – wondering if anyone has ever heard of a soybean noodle ever made? Hmm… I bet someone’s made one! Anyways, let’s try these ones – abalone flavor! ...see full post

#1121: Sau Tao Oat Noodle Sesame Oil Flavored

Let me say that the past couple of days have been probably a couple of the most crazy, fascinating and rewarding of my run so far as The Ramen Rater. I did am interview with Quartz (part of The Atlantic) and it went viral; Huffington Post picked it up, Grub Street, Digg,… Did an interview with South Korea’s Cultwo Veranda Show and appeared, and have two interviews with radio and television lined up in the next couple of days. A couple of interesting opportunities I can’t talk about yet have popped up and I’m very excited about them and will share as soon as I can. Thursday I went up to Canada and met with some folks at a big Asian grocery called T&T Supermarket. They were really nice people and even sent me home with some great new varieties to review and share! Thank you so much! This is one of them. Oat noodles? This sounds different – see the little circle on the lower right? It says ‘health is important. Let’s check it out! ...see full post