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Meet The Manufacturer: Re-Review: Lucky Me! Special Instant Pancit Bihon With Kalamansi

Rice vvermicelli isknown by many names in the world; bihun, beehoon, bihon – it’s all the same thing! One thing though – these noodles are made with corn starch! But pancit – let’s see what wikipedia has to say: ...see full post

#1518: Mamee Chef Gold Recipe Bihun Kari Seribu Rasa

A week or so ago, I reviewed Mamee Chef Gold Recipe Mi Kari Seribu Rasa. This however is Mamee Chef Gold Recipe Bihun Kari Seribu Rasa. What’s the difference? Well, ‘mi’ means noodles – as in instant wheat flour noodles. Bihun is the Malaysian term for rice vermicelli. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about bihun: ...see full post

#1173: Pop Bihun Spesial Goreng Spesial

Here’s another one my friend from Indonesia sent me – thanks! This is a departure from the norm for me – very rarely have I had Indonesian varieties of rice noodles. I think I’ve had them maybe thrice before. This one’s by the Indofoods people – makers of Indomie Mi Goreng. Let’s see how it translates to a rice noodle variety! ...see full post

#343: Super Bihun Goreng Instant Fried Rice Noodles

This is definitely the most unique of all the packages of noodles I have ever found. Let’s get started. ...see full post