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Where To Get It: 99 Ranch Market in Anaheim

So after an awesome day at Lego Land California, we went back North to Anaheim to crash and ready ourselves for Disneyland the next day. Not far from where we stayed was a Ranch 99 Market. This one was different from the others I have been in – there were palm trees out front for starters! Then there was the fact that after you go through the main door there was a little gate you went through. Aside from that, it seemed a little smaller than others too. They had spoken advertising on the overhead speakers – in English – and every time they said ‘per pound’ it was exactly the same and rather amusing! They also played music and I really enjoyed that – really crazy sound track like music that sounded like a bad guy in a movie was creeping up on an unsuspecting victim! Their instant noodle selection was decent, which was very nice. I really liked the place a lot! ...see full post

Where To Get It: Boo Han Oriental Market

So yeah, I eat a good amount of ramen noodles. I also walk a lot. I walk to where I get my ramen noodles all the time. Well this week I’ve started going a longer route – going an extra mile. By doing so I found this place: Boo Han Oriental Market. I can’t see very well so once I was walking on the other side of the road I was hip to it… ...see full post