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Meet The Manufacturer: #1357: Mamee Mie Goreng Indonesia Spicy Sambal Flavour

This is the second of the two Mie Goreng Indonesia cup varieties Mamee Double-Decker sent me for Meet The Manufacturer. The first one was really good! This one sounds good too. Sambal is spicy stuff! I like spicy. Today before I do the review, I’m going to trek up to our local Indonesian grocery Waroeng Jajanan. They clued me in about a couple of great additions to mie goreng – Kerapuk Aci and BonCabe! Kerapuk Aci is a big round Indonesian cracker made with tapioca and other ingredients. It’s crunchy and goes really well with mie goreng when I’ve made it in the past. BonCabe is a spicy chilli seasoning – bits of chilli powder, flake, some salt and crunchy bits as well as other spices are in it and it’s great stuff! Off I go to the Indonesian grocery to find some additions…

I’m back! So the area I live in is called the Edmonds International District. Lots of great stores to get stuff for noodles! They put up these new lanterns and signs all over the place – it’s official! Pretty cool. Got what I was looking for at Waroeng Jajanan and so I begin the preparation – let’s give this one a try!

Here are the side panels (click image to enlarge). Looks to be meat free but check for yourself. To prepare, add boiling water to inner line and let sit for 3 minutes. Using the holes in the lid, drain off the water. Add contents of the sachets (powder and liquid) and stir well. Add garnish and enjoy!

Here’s the lid (click image to enlarge).

An included fork! These are neat ones – they slide and click.

The noodle block.

The seasoning powder sachet.

A slightly granular powder.

A dual sachet of oil and sweet soy sauce on the left and chilli sauce on the right.

The liquid ingredients mingling.

The garnish sachet.

Crunchy pieces!


Finished (click image to enlarge). Added Rotary Kerapuk Aci, BonCabe Level 10 chilli seasoning, hard boiled egg, Fresno chilli pepper, sweet onion, ABC Manis Pedas and shrimp. The noodles came out so nicely – they have a great character of chew and whilst not in a broth, they’re not dry after being drained. The flavor is wonderful – spicy and tasty with that sweet-hot kick I love about mie goreng. The crunchy bits rounds everything out soundly. 5.0 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 9555022301617.

Here’s where you can get these awesome crackers.
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Here’s a TV advert for Mamee Double-Decker Mie Goreng Indonesia.

Meet The Manufacturer: #1349: Mamee Mie Goreng Indonesia Original Flavour

Mie goreng is one of my favorites – - noodles with a sweet, salty and spicy flavor. To be honest, it was mie goreng that really got me fanatical about instant noodles many years ago. Let’s have a look at this Malaysian take on an Indonesian standard.

Here are the side panels (click image to enlarge). Looks to be meat free but check for yourself). To prepare, fill to line with boiling water. After a few minutes, use the drain holes in the lid to drain off the water. Add the contents of the powder and oil/sauce sachets and stir well. Garnish with the crunchy bits and enjoy!

Here’s detail of the foil lid (click image to enlarge).

Included fork!!!

The noodle block.

Powder seasoning sachet.

Has a very light texture.

A dual liquid sachet – sweet soy sauce and oil on the left and chilli sauce on the right.

Both of the liquid components together.

The crunchy element!

They’re crunchy and really delicious!


Finished (click image to enlarge). Added fried egg, baked chicken with garlic salt and BonCabe Level 10 chilli seasoning and sweet onion. The noodles have some good chew to them and a nice gauge. The flavor is more sweet than spicy and then the spiciness kicks in gently; not an onslaught. The little crunchy bits give an added extra that is just right. This is excellent mie goreng – 4.5 out of 5.0 stars.UPC bar code 9555022301600.

I’ll be reviewing these very soon!
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A TV spot for the Mamee Mie Goreng Indonesia product line.

#1340: Indomie Taste Of Asia Mi Goreng Rasa Bulgogi Ala Korea

Here’s an interesting new one – bulgogi is probably one of my most favorite foods! Bulgogi, for those of you who haven’t experienced it, is Korean barbecued beef. What they do is marinate the beef in a nice sweet sauce and then barbecue it in thin strips. What are great are Korean barbecue restaurants. You are seated at a table with a little brazier in the center.

This is a pic from a visit we had to our favorite Korean barbecue restaurant called Secret Garden. As you can see, there’s a gas burner in the middle of the table! It’s really neat – they also do pork, chicken, and hot dogs of all things! It’s really good stuff. As for all the little dishes – those are called banchan. They are all sorts of pickled things – cabbage (kimchi), radish, lotus bean pod, bean sprouts… Different restaurants have different banchan, but it’s always a lot of fun as you get to try out all sorts of tasty things. I’ve read that people really like this bulgogi-inspired mi goreng, and I must say it’s going to be interesting. Being a huge fan of the real deal, it’s going to have to be pretty good stuff. However, Indomie usually does a really good approximation of flavors, and so my hopes are high. Let’s check it out!

Here’s the back of the package (click image to enlarge). Looks to be meat free. To prepare, boil 400cc water and add noodles and garnish sachet contents for 3 minutes. Put the liquid sachet and sesame seed sachet and chilli powder sachet contents into a bowl. Once the three minutes are up, drain. Add it to the bowl and combine thoroughly. Sprinkle sesame seeds on top and enjoy!

The noodle block. These noodles look to be a bit broader and thicker – slightly similar to instant dry udon from Japan.

Here’s the liquid sachet.

The paste is very thick like molasses.

The vegetables sachet.

A fascinating little mix of onion and other vegetables.

Finally, a dual sachet with sesame seed garnish on the left and chilli powder on the right.

Here they are next to each other.


Finished (click image to enlarge). Added beef sauteed with garlic, green onion and sweet onion, carrot, fried egg and BonCabe Level 10 chilli seasoning. The noodles are very different from what we’re used to from Indomie. The noodles are wide and thick and have a chew very similar to some Japanese udon bowls I’ve had before. The flavoring was interesting; it had a bulgogi-like skew to it, but then kind of skewed back towards a sweet soy based flavor. This, coupled with the noodles seemed kind of off to me. The vegetable mix was fascinating – it said it was onions and other veggies, and I figured the large flat pieces were cabbage ala kimchi, but I think it’s tofu. The sesame seeds were a nice touch. To sum it up, I think it was more interesting than enjoyable for me. 2.75 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 089686043532.

Asian Fusion (Paperback)

By (author): Chat Mingkwan

Fusion cooking involves taking aspects of one culture’s cuisine and combining it with another.
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Here’s a TV advertisement for Indomie Taste Of Asia Bulgogi flavor.

#1331: Indomie Taste Of Asia Mi Kuah Rasa Tom Yum Ala Thailand

I’ve been asked about this special series from Indomie for a long time and finally got my hands on some! Indomie’s Taste Of Asia line has three components: Laksa representing Singapore, Bulgogi representing South Korea, and finally Tom Yum to represent Thailand. I thought since I embark on a new Meet The Manufacturer tomorrow, I’d try something a little different. So Tom Yum is a Thai soup, usually with very strong spiciness and citrus flavors. I’m very curious as to how they’ll do this one. Let’s check it out!

Here’s the back of the package (click image to enlarge). Looks like it may contain shrimp in the garnish. To prepare, boil 400cc water. Add noodles and garnish sachet contents for 3 minutes. While cooking, put contents of paste sachet in a bowl. Once noodles are done, pour into the bowl and stir well. Enjoy!

The noodle block.

The paste sachet.

A thick paste and oil. I’m not detecting the strong citrus scent I was expecting; but the proof’s in the cooking. I’ve had some varieties in the past I’ve found to be really foul smelling when it came to the pastes, and then when everything was cooked and combined it was some really excellent stuff. This doesn’t smell bad at all, just not what I was expecting.

The garnish sachet.

What are the round things? Sliced shrimp ball.


Finished (click image to enlarge). Added lime, Thai chillies, fish balls, shrimp, cardamom (cilantro), sweet onion and BonCabe Level 10 chilli seasoning. The noodles are good – thick gauge and nice texture. The broth was a surprise. I get cardamom and citrus and a bit of spiciness, but there’s a bit of a sweet soy sauce kind of thing going on as well which seems really odd. Odd that they would use it but decent in the mix. The garnish was very nice – hydrated well and was of excellent quality. Was like a fusion going on. 3.75 out of 5.0 stars.  UPC bar code 089686043525.

Haven’t tried Indonesian instant noodles before? Indomie is a great place to start. You get 5 packs of 6 different varieties! It’s some seriously tasty stuff – give it a try! As for the Indomie variety I reviewed today, you’ll have to hop a plane or a boat to get it – it’s only sold in Indonesia.
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Here’s an Indomie commercial for their Taste Of Asia line, focusing on the Bulgogi variant.

Indonesian Delicacies From Waroeng Jajanan

Here in town we are lucky to have a great Indonesian store called Waroeng Jajanan. Not only do they have all sorts of great instant noodles, they also have fresh foods they make for dine-in or take out. On top of that, they are really nice! Here’s something they gave me to try – nasi goreng! Thank you! What’s inside? Keep reading!

My son Andy came with me and asked what kind of noodles he would like. Indomie Mi Goreng was mentioned and he was into trying it. I’m sure most people are a little surprised he hasn’t tried it before being the son of the guy who eats all the instant noodles, but this seemed like the right time. He really liked it without the spicy sachet. He also really liked the kerapuk aci – that’s the puffy looking thing he’s got there. It’s a big crunchy thing that gvoes great with mi goreng.

Another thing we got there was the big meatball you see there. It’s called bakso and it was really quite amazing! Imagine a really nicely exotic spiced meatball, but with a center that is an egg! Was really great!

Here’s what was inside the wraps (click image to enlarge)! Rice and rendang and chicken and veggies and a hard boiled egg! A few minutes in the microwave with the banana leaf wrapping everything steamed it all up nicely. It was so good – I could eat it every day! I can’t recommend this place any higher! Here’s a link to a past post about Waroeng Jajanan with their contact/location info.