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#2502: Indomie Instant Noodles Onion Chicken Flavor

#2502: Indomie Instant Noodles Onion Chicken Flavor

Here’s one sent by Chef Ron from Mama Pat’s Foods – thank you! So I’ve reviewed a LOT of Indomie in the past, yet it’s hard to come by new varieties to try. Luckily, here’s the first of hopefully more from Indomie’s product line from Nigeria! As far as continents go, Africa has been just the toughest for me to get varieties from. Here’s a little about Indomie from Wikipedia – ...see full post

#2473: Tokyo Noodle Mini Instant Noodle Mild Curry Flavor

#2473: Tokyo Noodle Mini Instant Noodle Mild Curry Flavor - Japan - The Ramen Rater - instant noodles

These came by Way of my sister Sue – thanks! She found them up in Canada – I believe at PriceSmart Foods in Richmond, BC. Been a couple of years since I made the trip north in search of instant noodles for my birthday. The way I look at it, I have to lay off Canada for a little while to let the big stores up there percolate; then they’ll have new stuff I’ve not tried. Well, hopefully. Last time I found a lot of the same stuff from the time before. ...see full post

#2464: Wang Extreme Spicy Hot Chicken Flavor Udon

#2464: Wang Extreme Spicy Hot Chicken Flavor Udon - South Korea - The Ramen Rater

Here’s a bowl I got at a local Korean store – Boo Han Market – in Edmonds, Washington. I was looking for something else and found this. So there’s a company that makes this style but in instant noodles, not udon. Curious to see how they differ insofar as the heat and flavor. Indeed, let’s give this one a go! ...see full post

#2360: Wai Wai Instant Noodles Artificial Chicken Flavoured

#2360: Wai Wai Instant Noodles Artificial Chicken Flavoured - India - The Ramen Rater Chaudhary

Here’s yet another one from Colin – thanks, bro! So this is an export version (obviously from all the languages on the front) and a very standard taste – chicken. This one is by CG which stands for Chaudhary Group. Here’s a little info from Wikipedia – ...see full post

#2359: Daikoku Kitsune Udon

#2359: Daikoku Kitsune Udon - Japan - The Ramen Rater - うどん

Animal noodles! Animal noodles? Yup – animal noodles. That’s at least what I used to call these – there are two of them very popular in Japan – kitsune uson and tanuki soba. Kitsune refers to a fox and has fried tofu with it. Tanuki soba usually has either a round disc of tempura or little bits of it. Here’s a little more info from Wikipedia – ...see full post

#2352: Uni-President Minced Pork Flavor Instant Noodles

#2352: Uni-President Minced Pork Flavor Instant Noodles - Taiwan - The Ramen Rater - 統一肉燥麵

Here’s one I got at 7-Eleven in Taiwan. I’ve seen these for so long with the stripes and they’re very popular in Taiwan. Here’s a little about Uni-President, the company that makes these – from Wikipedia – ...see full post

#2267: Shirakiku Karami Ramen Spicy Chili Flavor Japanese Style Noodle With Soup Base

Here’s another one sent by a reader named Colin from the east coast – thanks again! I’m giving this one not a re-review but a full new review. I tried it in the past – it was review #125. Why a new review and not a re-review? Well, I don’t see anything on the old one mentioning non-fried noodles and think that maybe this has changed. The packaging has changed, but unsure if that’s denoting a difference. The brand Shirakiku is one of Nishimoto. Basically, kind of think of Trader Joe’s – they source foreign/domestic brands and re-brand them for sale in the USA under their name. That’s the case usually with Shirakiku.  Let’s have a look! ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #2201: Mr. Lee’s Noodles Penang Chicken Curry Laksa

Penang. It’s a place I really miss, specifically because friends and flavors live there. some of the most amazing things that I’ve ever tasted are from Malaysia and specifically Penang. I decided to save this for last as I wanted to see how everything else was before I tried something that promises to be good. Today we say hello to this exotic variety and goodbye to the Meet The Manufacturer for Mr. Lee’s Noodles. Here we go! ...see full post

#2135: Doll Instant Noodle Supreme Abalone And Chicken Flavour

Another one I reviewed as part of a series of Hong Kong varieties in conjunction with an interview by Apple Daily news of HK. I have a feeling if you dig through my reviews for the word abalone, you’re not going to find scads of varieties I’ve been very fond of. I’m hoping this might be one I enjoy, but I have my doubts. I guess the only way to find out it to try it with an open mind and mouth. Let’s give it a go! ...see full post

#2070: Tokushima Seifun Negi Ramen

Here’s the last of the Tokushim Seifun varieties sent to me by Wesley, a reader from Japan at school in Canada – thanks again! This last one is negi – green onion! Let’s check it out! ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #2025: Urban Noodle Authentic Street Food Chow Mein

Today, we have the last of this Meet The Manufacturer. I’ve really enjoyed most of these quite a bit – I’ll say one thing – they’re not bland like some UK products I’ve had in the past! Today it’s chow mein – let’s give it a try! ...see full post