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Book Review: Fine Dining With Johor Kaki: 100 Must-Try Johor’s Heritage & Street Food

Book Review: Fine Dining With Johor Kaki: 100 Must-Try Johor's Heritage & Street Food

A couple of months ago, I was sent a new book (click to enlarge) by my friend Tony Johor Kaki! He runs a really great blog and I first found him from his instant noodle reviews. Now he’s written a book – Fine Dining With Johor Kaki: 100 Must-Try Johor’s Heritage & Street Food. Its a really neat presentation of some of  southern peninsular Malaysia’s great foods and where to find them. Here are some words about it from the author:

The 150 page full colour book featuring 100 street hawkers and heritage food in Johor Bahru took one year to produce with the generous support of UMLand and MAGistrate. UMLand sponsored the printing costs and MAGistrate provided the artwork, design, Chinese translation and editorial support.

The 100 street hawkers were curated over a four year period. Over this period, I personally tasted the food at over 1500 stalls and eateries throughout Johor. Many of the stalls are recommended by Johor readers, others are gleaned from Johor foodie community discussions, and the rest are my own stumble upons when I walked the streets and alleys of Johor. I am grateful for all the tips and leads from Johoreans which made this book possible.

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Let’s look within!

Book Review: Fine Dining With Johor Kaki: 100 Must-Try Johor's Heritage & Street Food

Neat maps and graphics can be found throughout (click to enlarge), showing you where to go!

Book Review: Fine Dining With Johor Kaki: 100 Must-Try Johor's Heritage & Street Food

Here are a couple different places to go (click to enlarge). Great images and info and even QR codes you can scan at the bottom for the locations! This book does one thing for me – it makes me yearn for the amazing food of Malaysia. Thank you very much for sending me a copy and congratulations – you’ve created a seriously in-depth compendium of great food!

A Nice Gift From The Man Who Wrote The Book On Asian Noodles

A couple years ago, I had the opportunity to check out a course taught by Dr. Gary Hou at the Wheat Marketing Center in Portland, OR. It was a short course on making instant noodles and really fascinating. It’s coming up again and as a thank you for letting everyone know about it, Dr. Hou sent me something!

Check it out (click to enlarge) – Dr. Hou literally is the man who wrote the book on Asian noodles! This looks really interesting; I’m not just interested in tasting instant noodles, but have always been fascinated by the workings of the instant noodle factory and the science behind instant noodles as well. This looks to be pretty in-depth and technical. Once I’m done reading it, I’ll share my thoughts! If you are looking to get a copy, find it here.

A note inside the book (click to enlarge). Thank you! I hope to make it down again!

He signed the book, too (click to enlarge)! Thank you very much! Looking forward to reading!

A Gift From My Wife: Prison Ramen

My wife got me a gift off of Amazon. She didn’t say what it was. I immediately mentioned I’d emailed a publisher of a book asking for a review copy. Then I got the look.

She got me the new Prison Ramen book! I saw this recently and have really been wanting to review it. Since it’s been a week, I’m guessing the publisher didn’t feel like replying to my review copy request (they probably figured I was asking from a corrections facility or something). I’ll be reviewing it soon – from what I’ve seen so far of it, it looks great! I put a link below so if you want to check it out before I review it, you can get a copy. Thank you, Kit! I’m the luckiest guy in the universe 🙂

Prison Ramen: Recipes and Stories from Behind Bars

Book Review/Interview: The Noodle Narratives: The Global Rise Of An Industrial Food Into The Twenty First Century

A month or so ago I read an article mentioning a new book about instant noodles. Books regarding instant noodles generally fall into a couple categories: recipe books written and published by individuals and recipe books that are mass-produced and published by the millions.

The Noodle Narratives doesn’t fit into either of these categories. It is a very direct and immersive stroll into the world of the instant noodle, meticulously researched and presented by three professors of anthropology.

The book starts out with description of the manufacturing process, what the ingredients are and their impacts on the body, environment and humanity. The book focuses then on three regions and how instant noodles are seen, tasted and marketed. First, Japan – the birthplace of instant noodles. Next stop is the United States, and finally Papua New Guinea.

Next, the book visits the concept and reality of mass-produced foodstuffs; the flow from concept to production, and finally the table.

This book was fascinating; it contained a wealth of information the authors gathered and experienced throughout 4 years of research on people, food, environment and economy.

If you’re looking for a cookbook, this isn’t for you, but if you’re looking for an opportunity to learn about instant noodles and how they affect the world, The Noodle Narratives is a great read.

I conducted an interview with Professor Deborah Gewertz, co-author of The Noodle Narratives.

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