April 30, 2017

The Ramen Rater Official Top Ten Box Now Available!

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For years now, I’ve gotten comments saying ‘dude, you should make a box with top ten varieties that one can purchase!’ Well, after a long wait and numerous tries, it’s here! I’ve been working with a company called Exotic Noods and am happy to bring you The Ramen Rater Official Top Ten Box. What’s inside you ask?

  • Ten varieties of instant noodles: Prima Taste Singapore Laksa Wholegrain La Mian – Singapore * Prima Taste Singapore Curry Wholegrain La Mian – Singapore * MyKuali Penang Spicy Prawn Noodle Soup – Malaysia * MyKuali Penang Red Tom Yum Goong – Malaysia * MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle – Malaysia * Nissin Yakisoba – Japan * Sichuan Baijia Chongqing Noodles Burning Dry Noodle – China * Paldo Budae Jjigae – South Korea * Indomie Mi Instan Mi Goreng Rendang – Indonesia * MAMA Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum – Thailand
  • A special letter from The Ramen Rater
  • Full color list of the varieties including information on what list the variety was featured on, why I like it, how to cook it and garnish ideas
  • A special The Ramen Rater sticker
  • Shipping included

The special box costs $50USD and as mentioned above includes shipping. To get one of each, you’d have to do a lot of hunting, and to get them online you’d have to buy a bunch of each one and spend a lot of money, shipping and time. The Ramen Rater Official Top Ten Box is an easy way to get a lot of fantastic varieties all in one package. Want to get one? Click the order now button – thank you!

The Ramen Rater Official Top Ten Box Now Available!

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