June 13, 2016

Meet The Manufacturer: Product Samples From Nissin Hong Kong

So I’ve been chatting with the DHL guy lately – especially since he’s been coming by quite often. Today he brought a huge box from Nissin HK! I often give him extra noodles – I’ve got so many at this point it’s kind of overwhelming! This batch though is all ones I’ve never reviewed and only one of each! Let’s open it up!

Under the outer paper wrap.

Wow… What untold marvels lie underneath?!

Demae Ramen (click to enlarge) in packs…

Demae Ramen (click to enlarge) in bowls…

Demae Ramen (click to enlarge) in cups!

Finally, Demae Ramen (click to enlarge) in premium packs!

Cup Noodles (click to enlarge) in standard size…

Cup Noodles (click to enlarge) in big size…

Finally, Cup Noodles (click to enlarge) in Mini size!

NUPaste in packs (click to enlarge).

NUPasta in fancy cups (click to enlarge).

FUKU packs (click to enlarge).

FUKU bowls (click to enlarge).

The last two (click to enlarge) – Nissin Mie Goreng and Nissin Taisho Sesame Paste flavor. Wow – I think there are 47 different varieties here. I only review up to 15 varieties during a Meet The Manufacturer, however you’ll be seeing all these as time goes on! Thank you very much!

Products cooked according to package instructions. Product reviews done prior to adding any additional ingredients.

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