August 5, 2014

Meet The Manufacturer: Product Samples From Nissin Singapore (2 of 2)

When I told the folks at Nissin Singapore that I’ll review up to 15 different products for a Meet The Manufacturer, they decided to send some more! Let’s peek inside.

They used newspaper as packing material. I like it when companies do this as it’s pretty neat to look at foreign newspapers! This one was The straits Times.

Four interesting varieties of Cup Noodles!

Sesame Demae Ramen from Singapore!

Pack and bowl version of their Chu Qian Yi Ding line.

Wait. What?! This is really neat – in 2012, the Nissin Foods annual report was sent out in these neat padded iPad sleeves! This is awesome!

A poster showcasing their new Tokyo Shoyu and Kyushu Black ramen.

A new poster for my wall! They autographed it! Thank you very much!