July 9, 2014

#1427: Miso Ramen At Osaka Ramen In Dublin, California

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Last week, we went on our big summer vacation! We drove from Lynnwood, WA all the way to Livermore, CA – over 800 miles. Did it in 14 hours – only 3 quick stops, too! We did a bunch of neat stuff – went to the Alameda County Fair, caught a Giants game in San Francisco, and went out for ramen – and not the instant kind. Nope – this is the moment I think many of you have been wanting to see more of. It’s not going to be a common thing around here anytime soon, but I thought I’d share my experience.


Here’s my wife Kit – she got yakiudon – like yakisoba but of course with udon noodles.

Kit’s mom Cathy who got California Roll.

Andy went with a Tonkotsu kid’s meal – you get a bowl of tonkotsu and a dessert!

finally, myself – I decided to go with a miso with corn and had them put in some chashu as well.

So we drank some tea.

Then waited a couple of minutes.

Then the food arrived! Here’s Kit’s yakiudon.

Andy’s pork tonkotsu.

Finally, my miso ramen (click image to enlarge). I wish the pictures came out better, but I only had my cellphone with me – should’ve had something a little better – my apologies. The broth was really nice and rich, the corn very complimentary, the noodles just right and the chashu not what I expected. I haven’t had chashu before and I thought it would be a bit less soft and a little more chewy. It was quite good though. I nabbed some slurps of Andy’s tonkotsu broth and liked that even more – I think I’ll try a bowl of tonkotsu next time.  All in all, the service was friendly, fast and the food was excellent. I’d recommend this place to noodle fans – as being 3.75 out of 5.0 stars.

Here’s Andy’s dessert, a small scoop of strawberry ice cream. He played with that little umbrella for the rest of our vacation – I think he even brought it back up here. He really likes it, LOL!  Should you want to check this place out, here’s the address:

Osaka Ramen
4288 Dublin Blvd
Ste 118
Dublin, CA94568

Here’s a tour of Dublin, California’s downtown.

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