July 7, 2013

Samples From Indofood!

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Hey – a box!

Ooh – Indomie!!!

A rad bowl! Indomie just had their 40th anniversary!

Indofood also makes SuperMi! A really cool bowl! Was a real bummer – has a little crack in it… It’ll have a hallowed place on my noodle accoutrements shelf!

Three of the special noodles line – grilled chicken, original and chilli paddi! Two of ’em are on top ten lists!

Cabe Ijo is a spicy green chili flavor that came out recently and Rendang is a spicy classic. The SuperMi is good stuff, too! Thanks to Susienta at Indofood CBP in Jakarta, Indonesia and his friend who brought these to the US and sent them!

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