March 15, 2013

Birthday Trip: Instant Noodle Hunting In Canada


Approaching the Canadian border!

A weirdly shaped building; probably full of video cameras pointed at people crossing the border.

A rainy day.

Getting closer!

So they asked us a few questions – who are you, what are you doing, where are you going, for how long etc etc. Then they let us loose in Canada!

I really like tunnels – this one was especially cool as the center lane has little lights.

My sister Sue has come up to Canada before and gotten me noodles in the past. She told me about this place in Richmond… First stop: Price Smart Foods!

Price Smart Foods
8200 Ackroyd Rd.
Richmond, BC V6X 1B5

This place was amazing – so many varieties I’ve not seen in the USA before – really awesome!

Usually you see picture like this of people holding large fish. Five – count ’em FIVE bags full of instant noodles! Wow!!!

Then we drove through Richmond to Yaohan Centre – a big Asian shopping mall.

Yaohan Centre
3700 No. 3 Road
Richmond B.C. V6X 3X2

This place looks rad!

So I was planning on going to a couple more stores: T&T and Osaka. Well, They’re one and the same so that was easy enough. They have a huge cooked food section in Osaka Supermarket – check out all the kinds of dim sum! I like the Shepherd’s Purse bun ingredients (click image to enlarge).

We both agreed that these actually smelled quite good.

Wow! Frozen turtle!

After all the noodle shopping, we decided to check out the food court. There were a few places – a curry place which smelled awesome, lots of Chinese and then there was Seoul Express. Sweet!

My cute wife Kitten made it such an awesome day!

She got a BBQ beef combo.

I decided to get…

Bibimbap!!! Been wanting to try this for so long and it’s so good. Comes in a stoneware crucible of fire! The food was sizzling for literally five minutes after it was at the table!

French language on everything – proof of being in Canada!

Okay, I’ve discovered something amazing here. The rice at the bottom of the bibimbap is stuck to the bottom. I found that with the spoon from my miso, you could pry it off in nice little pieces. This is like the bacon of the rice world – this is great! Kit told me that her grandmother would cook rice and do the same thing.

With pugs at home demanding attention (they’re telepathic), back to the USA we went.

I ended up with 55 new packs of instant noodles to review – in addition to the 26 that were already in the hamper, that’s 81! Pretty sure I’ll be good on noodles for a while!

ChencunRice Noodle Beef With Brown SauceCupChina
ChencunRice Noodle Fragrant Peppery BeefCupChina
ChencunRice Noodle Spicy BeefCupChina
ChencunRice Noodle Red Roast SpareribsCupChina
ChencunRice Noodle Braised RibsCupChina
ChewySatay ChickenPackHong Kong
ChewySpicy Beef With Chili FlavorPackHong Kong
ChewyTaiwan Roast Pork FlavourPackHong Kong
ChewyScallop With XO SaucePackHong Kong
Four SeasHot & Spicy Mushroom & BeefBowlHong Kong
Four SeasChickenBowlHong Kong
Four SeasJapanese Style PorkBowlHong Kong
Four SeasSesame Oil ChickenBowlHong Kong
Golden WheatShrimpBowlChina
Golden WheatSpicy BeefBowlChina
Golden WheatMushroom ChickenBowlChina
Golden WheatStew BeefBowlChina
Golden WheatStew PorkBowlChina
Golden WheatStew PorkPackChina
Golden WheatShrimpPackChina
Golden WheatStew BeefPackChina
Golden WheatSpicy BeefPackChina
Golden WheatMushroom chickenPackChina
Hao HaoMi Goreng Shrimp & OnionPackVietnam
ItomenCinstant Ramen CrabPackJapan
KnorrQuick Serve Macaroni WontonPackHong Kong
KnorrQuick Serve Macaroni ShrimpPackHong Kong
KnorrQuick Serve Macaroni Japanese Pork Bone BrothPackHong Kong
KnorrQuick Serve Macaroni Abalone & ChickenPackHong Kong
MameeOriental Noodles CurryPackMalaysia
Mr. NoodlesBowl BeefBowlCanada
Mr. NoodlesBowl Spicy ChickenBowlCanada
Mr. NoodlesBowl Noodles KimchiBowlCanada
Mr. NoodlesSpicy ChickenCupCanada
Mr. NoodlesChickenCupCanada
Mr. NoodlesBeefCupCanada
Mr. NoodlesBowl Noodles Chicken KimchiBowlCanada
Mr. NoodlesBowl ChickenBowlCanada
New TouchYakisoba NoodlesTrayJapan
NissinDemae Ramen Kimchi FlavorBowlHong Kong
NissinDemae Ramen Sesame OilBowlHong Kong
NissinDemae Ramen XO Sauce SeafoodBowlHong Kong
NissinDemae Ramen Artificial ChickenBowlHong Kong
NissinDemae Rice Vermicelli ChickenPackHong Kong
NongshimOolongmen KimchiCupKorea
NongshimPotato Pork RamyunPackChina
NongshimShin RamyunBowlChina
Sau TaoQQ Scallop SeafoodBowlChina
Vina AcecookOh! Ricey SpareribsPackVietnam
Wei LihSteam Noodle Spicy SichuanBowlTaiwan
Western FamilyInstant Noodles In A Cup ChickenCupCanada
Western FamilyInstant Noodles In A Cup Spicy ChickenCupCanada
Western FamilyInstant Noodles In A Cup OrientalCupCanada
Western FamilyInstant Noodles VegetablePackCanada
Western FamilyInstant Noodles ChickenPackCanada

Only one duplicate that I’ve reviewed before!

This was such an awesome birthday – I have the most awesome wife in the universe! I love you Kit!