April 16, 2012

The Ramen Rater Noodle News #9

Here we go again with another installment of The Ramen Rater Noodle News – all the news that’s fit to slurp! I scour the internet for the best news about instant noodles and deliver it here! Some good ones this week! So

without further adieu, here’s the news…

  • The ParthenonStudents Use Their Noodles – USA – Link

  • The Borneo PostHungry Thieves Have Time To Cook Instant Noodles – Borneo – Link

  • Liana BrooksWhy I’m Scared Of Ramen – USA – Link

  • Good Morning YesterdayNot-So Instant Noodles – Singapore – Link

  • Hurriyet Daily NewsMuseum Shows Less Ordinary Foods – Turkey – Link

  • AsiaOne ShowbizFrom Music Video To Noodle Commercial – Singapore – Link

  • SoJournaling VietnamThe Chef Within – Vietnam – Link

  • Knotty Oak HomesteadRamen, How I Loathe You – USA Link

  • Yahoo! OMGConsumers Slurping Up Instant Noodles And Driving up High Global Demand – Philippines – Link

  • CMYBaconSurreal Ceramic Ramen Noodle Cups – USA – Link

  • PRWebGlobal Instant Noodles Market to Exceed 154 Billion Packs by 2017, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. – USA – Link

  • NinerOnlineRamen/Safety-Gourmet With Gabe 2.1– – USA – Link

  • Reading AlwaysDifferent Kinds Of Japanese Noodles – ??? – Link

  • India TodayJunk Food – A Recipe For Disaster – India – Link

  • The China PostChina Approves The Merger Of Master Kong, Pepsi – Taiwan – Link

  • Healthy LifestylesDangers Of Instant Noodles – ??? – Link

  • A Goddess of FrugalityDon’t Knock The Ramen – USA – Link

  • I Just Love My Apron“Mama” Noodles – My Favorite Junk Food Goes Gourmet – ??? – Link

  • Thought CatalogHow To Avoid Eating Ramen The Last Week Of The Month – USA – Link

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