March 28, 2012

The Ramen Rater Noodle News #8

Here’s another installment of The Ramen Rater Noodle News!
I scour the Internet and find the most interesting stories about instant noodles around! Here you go!
  • Fried Chillies (Malaysia) – Delectable Instant Noodles – Link
  • RocketNews24 (Japan) – McDonald’s Selling ‘Ramen’ In The Most Unlikely of Places. America. – Link
  • AllVoices (USA) – Dismissal Of Noodle Scam Case Worries Complainants – Link
  • The Jakarta Post (Indonesia) – Noodles Remain Top Contributor To Indofood’s Business – Link
  • Lindselicious (USA) – Ramen Crazy! – Link
  • emylogues (?) – Maggi Goreng – Link
  • Arirang (Korea) – Korean Ramen Companies Fined For Price Rigging – Link
  • Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) – Bloggers Use Teletubbies To Evade Chinese Censors – Link
  • Korea Times (Korea) – Cheating On Noodles – Link
  • Stephelle’s Kitchen (?) – Handling Instant Noodles – Link
  • Asian Drama (?) – Lee Min Ho Ate Dozens Of Instant Noodle To Film Rooftop Prince – Link
  • 103.3 WZND Fuzed Radio (USA)  – Spice Up Your Ramen Noodles – Link
  • The Nation (Thailand) – The Plot Thickens – Link
  • AllKPop (Korea) – B2ST releases their ‘Red&Black Project’ for Shin Ramen in Japan – Link

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