October 27, 2011

#553: Samyang 60 Ingredients Cup

Here’s a bit of a mystery sent to me by Nathan in Canada. So what’s this one? Well, the little icon up top gave it away as a Samyang variety, but all I can say is it’s 60 Ingredients. Let’s try it, and if you can read the cup and it’s called something more, please let me know in a comment!

I’m thinking there’s a good amount of the ingredients in here…

Lots of interesting bits and pieces – and a ton of fiery powder.

Click image to enlarge. Well, most of the bigger ingredients hid so here you are. The noodles are different; they’re chewy and spongy too. They’ve got a strange consistency that I’m not used to seeing in Samyang products. The broth is spicy of course – rarely do I review non-spicy Korean noodles; they just don’t make a lot of them. The veggies were interesting found quite a few bits of mushromo – more than I expected. Not a bad cup noodle but room for improvement. 2.75 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 8801073210134.

Feed you kids spicy noodles – builds character!