September 22, 2011

Poll Completed: In what way do you buy your noodles?

In what way do you buy your noodles? (click all that apply)

Single Package Pack (Like Maruchan)  24%  (60 votes)
Small Cup (Like Cup Noodles)  15.6%  (39 votes)
Six Package Pack (Like Top Ramen)  12.8%  (32 votes)
Small Bowl (Like Bowl Noodles)  11.6%  (29 votes)
Box (30 Packs Like Indomie)  10.8%  (27 votes)
Big Bowl (Like Souper Meal)  7.6%  (19 votes)
Flat Box (Like Top Ramen)  6.8%  (17 votes)
Multipack (Cup)  6%  (15 votes)
Multipack (Bowl)  2.8%  (7 votes)
Multipack (Big Bowl)  2%  (5 votes)

Total Votes: 250

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