August 18, 2011

The Guy Who Won’t Get Off My Back About Ramen Nachos

So this guy from Germany is all about the ramen nachos apparently and wants to argue about it and compete with it. Kind of strange…

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8 thoughts on “The Guy Who Won’t Get Off My Back About Ramen Nachos

  1. Todd

    At first I thought the headline of the Blog said “Letters from a Bellingham Room”. I laughed at that. I then read it and scratched my head in confusion (mozzarella + hot sauce + ramen = nachos???) . I read your response, then laughed even harder. Great morning read!

  2. stevenus

    I am taking the German guy’s side..You clearly have no claim with your so called “Ramen Nachos.” This German guy seems to know where it is at..


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