August 7, 2010

#98: Unif / Tung-I Chah Chiang Flavor Ramen Noodles

Okay so thought I’d try something with an odd name today. Yes, I thought of the money ch-ching sound too when I read the flavor… It’s a Taiwanese flavor from what I found on Google – spicy and oniony.

Two packets oily gunky stuff and a powdery one.

It looks a bit like a bird poop or perhaps a squished grasshopper – I like that my food today will resemble poo or entrails!

So end product is here. It smelled a little oniony and a little spicy and had almost a coffee smell. Christine identified it as an almost burnt peanut shell aroma. So it tastes a little odd… The broth is kind of thick I suppose and very very dark. The noodles are of a reasonable consistency. The taste? Kind of like dark sludgy water – like you’d expect pond water to be like but tasty. It isn’t at all bad, but not really great. The name is neat. I give 2.5 out of 5 stars.