June 30, 2009

#30: Myojo Special Duck Flavor

Myojo: Special Duck Flavor Stars: *
Notes: This stuff is nasty. It does live up to being duck flavored, as it’s VERY gamey and really stinks. Will NEVER eat this again. Get it here.

Product Website: http://www.MAMA.th.com/TMFoods_Profile.htm

Products cooked according to package instructions. Product reviews done prior to adding any additional ingredients.

8 thoughts on “#30: Myojo Special Duck Flavor

  1. Kaitlyn T

    Strongly disagree. I’ve been eating this for 20+ years. Used to be only 2 US distributors. Granted, it doesn’t taste exactly like eating a duck would, but it’s noodles with flavor, not a duck. As for the gaminess – duck is a game fowl, it’s going to be gamey to some extent in any preparation. Saying it tastes nothing like duck, but then saying it’s gamey, is rather contradictory. However, this product does not have any predominance of gaminess.

    Adding in the garlic seasoning gives it a very nice depth. I use 1/3 of the spice packet as well, to add a medium-light kick.

    If you want gently-prepared duck to the point of almost loosing its natural gaminess, go pay $120 at a fine dining restaurant. If you want affordable noodles with an unexpected depth of uncommon flavor, try duck ramen.

  2. vliam

    Feel free to transfer any remaining packages to me for disposal.

    I’d kill for a package of this stuff. I found this site wandering around ‘net looking for a supplier to feed my ramen habit.

  3. Kaitlyn T

    Heh found this place again while looking for a new supply. Amazon’s out, tho I have it emailing me when they’re back. I did find some last time but they were trying to charge like 3.50 a pack, which rather defeats the concept of “ramen” 😉

    There’s another brand, Mama, but I can’t find it in singles to try. I don’t want to buy a case right off the bat.


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