June 30, 2009

#36: Lucky Me! Itnok Chicken & Egg Flavor Nutrition Noodles

Lucky Me: Itnok
Stars: ***
Notes: This is some really decent stuff. A very tasty chicken broth and very curious noodles round out this small bag. It seems this may be a children’s style of ramen also. I wonder what Itnok means – could it be the sound of the chicken emoting sheer joy being told it will be ground into a flavorful spice sack and packaged with a smiling likeness of itself? I’m hoping so, as if it were an unhappy chicken, Bock Bagok would be the name,

Products cooked according to package instructions. Product reviews done prior to adding any additional ingredients.

2 thoughts on “#36: Lucky Me! Itnok Chicken & Egg Flavor Nutrition Noodles

  1. From the Philippines

    Hi Ramen Rater!
    “Itnok” is a combination of two Philippine words.
    Egg (“itlog”) and chicken (“manok”).
    You are right, this is a children’s style ramen.
    The package says Lusog-Sarap Nutrition Noodles: it makes you strong (“lusog”) and it is delicious (“sarap”).


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